Jess Hendricks Composer • Performer • Developer

After a fairly good run of performances, I have been stuck in a lull due to the time commitment required for my Computer Science degree (a math degree, in essence). Very quickly I realized that, unless you are famous, getting performances for my music requires constant pursuit. Along with that, composing is just like playing an instrument: without constant practice it can be very difficult to get back into a groove. In the past I would compose pieces specifically for competitions or calls for scores. As a result, I have a bunch of music with odd instrumental combinations that will never be performed.

Now my priority is to compose music I love. Music for me. I have invested in top sample libraries such as VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) and EastWest. I want to compose music for orchestra! Music that, due to modern issues, would be very difficult to get performed. So my question is, do my other composer friends ever just compose for themselves? I know a lot of them are still creating music expressly to be performed, but do they ever think, “wow, I want to compose a symphony, let’s do that I my free time!”? I am still hoping to pursue performances, but the time commitment required for that is somewhat restrictive. As a result I will, when I can, compose music for myself.

Update 7/23/2017 I have recently completed a work for virtual orchestra and I am releasing a recording of Symphonic Fantasia Electronica on iTunes, Spotify, and several other digital services in the coming weeks.