Jess Hendricks Composer • Performer • Developer

The latest version of my web presence is now up and running, but like my composition projects no work is ever truly done. The biggest addition is adding a way to purchase scores straight from the site either as bound scores (with or without parts) or PDFs available for download. I already see a lot of tweaks that will be necessary for my Shop, but at least I have something working now. 

 I have also been working on my new concept album that will be released on iTunes, Spotify, and other services while slowly plugging away on a new string quartet. In addition to that, I have gotten several more performances of my Concertino for Bassoon and Electronics all over the U.S.A. A new recording of that is set to be released by Dr. Jefferson Campbell in the coming months and the score and backing tracks are available here

Starship Artwork

I am planning to add more scores to the Shop in the near future. Initially I will focus on small ensemble, solo, and chamber music. Hopefully all of the sales tax stuff is really handled by WooCommerce, but I also don’t anticipate suddenly selling hundreds of scores. (Prove me wrong internet!)

My artwork page is back, albeit a little sparse, since the great hard drive catastrophe of 2015. Currently it just has a few of my recent works in progress and the cover for the Ruination of Atlantis that I have always been proud of.

Starship in orbit

Work on my concept album is continuing at a slower pace than usual, but it’ll get done eventually. I am definitely working towards a slower, more deliberate, and better planned out composition process. As part of that I decided to remove Astra Inclinant Sed Non Obligant from this album, instead saving it as a stand-alone work. This decision is a result of changing the core concept of the album, which will be a much more minimal, ethereal vibe.