Great news, the latest album by Dr. Jefferson Campbell, Pocket Grooves - New Music for Bassoon, Piano and Percussion, is now available on iTunes and Spotify! My piece Concertino for Bassoon and Electronics is one of the tracks featured on this recording by my life-long friend. I am excited it is now available on these services and I hope everyone will go check it out and purchase it there... or at least stream it thousands of times.

To purchase a physical copy of the CD, go to the MSR Classics website here. To get the record on Spotify or iTunes, either click the previous links or check out my Discography page.

In the next couple weeks a new recording by Dr. Jefferson Campbell will be released that includes my Concertino for Bassoon and Electronics. In addition to my work "Pocket Grooves" contains music by Steven Moellering, Gene Koshinski, and Graeme Shields. It focuses on new music for bassoon. "Pocket Grooves" will be released by MSR Classics and when there is information available I will post it on this site.


This summer I composed Through the Mystic Woods after reading the A Song of Fire and Ice book series by George R.R. Martin. It is inspired not only by the books, but also by the score of the TV series. In addition to orchestral sounds from the Vienna Symphonic Library, there is a synthesizer part created with an authentic Yamaha DX-7. As part of my new personal composition method, this work was created in Logic Pro instead of with notation software. The idea is to create the music in a more organic way instead of focusing on notation. I find this makes dealing with shape and space easier to conceptualize. ​