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I’m getting lots of work done on this site along with a few new compositions in the pipeline. So far 2019 is turning out to be a productive composition year. Although I have no current upcoming performances, I have submitted works to several calls for scores. Hopefully I can get this composition thing rolling again, but its going to require a lot of work between family, a job, and freelance web work.

Website Updates

I recently added a new work, “Fall, leaves, fall” to the scores shop. I also added a form on every product page where ensembles can request performance scores and parts free of charge. Hopefully this will attract potential performers that would like to make arrangements for a score instead of purchasing one. For now, only PDF scores will be available. I will consider lending performers hard-copy scores in the future, but right now that isn’t in my budget.

The new works catalog is now live! I have listed most of my works on this page for those interested in what kinds of things I have composed in the last thirty years. Many of these works have links to recordings or scores as well.

Composition News

Generation Ship Against Green Nebula
The latest render of my “generation starship”

Some of my time recently has been devoted to my computer artwork. I have been endeavoring to finish a model of a large “generation starship” that will be used in cover art for the concept album. I am also considering the idea of creating animations to accompany the concept album. (Or at least part of it)

Lastly, I am still making progress on the upcoming concept album, but I needed to take a break to work on a new brass quintet. I haven’t composed a brass quintet since my time at UT Knoxville. As such, I figured it would be a good thing to add to my catalog since I know so many brass players. Hopefully I will finish the brass quintet this month before resuming work on the concept album.

Personal News

On a personal note, my wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this month. We headed down to Hartford for some delicious BBQ at Black Eyed Sally’s! We also rewards ourselves with a new fire pit for the back yard and a cute little single waffle maker. The seventh anniversary is the “copper” anniversary, so I should note that the waffle maker is copper colored and the fire pit has little copper inlays. Haha.

Yay fire pit!