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If you are interested in acquiring a score for performance, I am willing to send a PDF of the score and parts as long as they are not redistributed. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I will respond in a couple days.

A Short Drive Through the Berkshires


For Clarinet, Violin, and Piano. Composed by Jess Hendricks in 2012 and premiered by the Firebrand Ensemble in Boston, MA that same year. 

Program Notes

A Short Drive Through the Berkshires, composed in 2012, is a piece for clarinet, violin, and piano. It was inspired by a drive from Northampton, MA to Tanglewood to see a concert with my wife. This work received its premiere in 2013 by the Firebrand Ensemble at a concert in Malden, MA.
Structurally, this work is divided into two distinct parts: a slow contemplative section followed by a lively, upbeat section featuring driving rhythms and spirited interplay between the instruments. Although the piece is based on simple pitch sets, the tonal language of the piece is not atonal. Instead it focuses on quartal harmonies and triads, with some inspiration owed to Aaron Copland, Jennifer Higdon, and George Gershwin.


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