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If you are interested in acquiring a score for performance, I am willing to send a PDF of the score and parts as long as they are not redistributed. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I will respond in a couple days.

Concertino for Bassoon and Electronics


For Bassoon and fixed media. Composed by Jess Hendricks in 2009 and commissioned by Dr. Jefferson Campbell with funds provided by the McKnight Foundation’s Imagine Grant for Minnesota Artists. This work is in three movements:

I. “Aria”, is an exploration of timbre and evolving harmony. There are sounds in the playback meant to make the soloist sound “processed”. this was accomplished by using the recording of a single bassoon note and creating a synthesized sound based on that sample. It triggers in various place throughout the piece creating the illusion of a reverb effect on the bassoon.

II. “Dance and Fugue,” is more melodic and contrapuntal with a small, quasi-fugue in the middle that eventually gives way to the main theme after both are stated simultaneously.

III. “Adventurous,” is inspired in a small part by film music past and present. This movement is the most technically virtuosic of the entire suite.


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