Jess Hendricks Composer • Performer • Developer

The latest version of my web presence is now up and running, but like my composition projects no work is ever truly done. The biggest addition is adding a way to purchase scores straight from the site either as bound scores (with or without parts) or PDFs available for download. I already see a lot of tweaks that will be necessary for my Shop, but at least I have something working now. 


In the course of creating my own website, I have looked at several websites for composers at all levels and points in their career. The importance of a good web presence for a composer cannot be understated. It will often be the first and main portal to a composer for performers or potential listeners.


As much fun as my Rails/React site was, I realized that I need my web presence to be easier to maintain. So I broke out my work skills and made myself a Wordpress version.

All of my Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify recordings can be accessed from here. I will also hopefully post to the news/blog section more often.

Happy Thanksgiving!