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The latest update on my podcast, music, and a new puppy!

If I ever remember to keep this site updated it would be a coup. (Which seems to be the way 2021 started out…)


Scott Hall has joined ComposersCAPE and we are up to around 58 followers! Its not much but has been an awful lot of fun to work on. It is available on YouTube, and as an audio podcast just about everywhere. Here is our latest episode:

We also have a website here:

New Music

I’ve been continuing to compose tracks to release on various platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. A few of my new selections are below.

My latest project involves a tone poem inspired by Joseph Conrad’s “Hero’s Journey”.

Album cover for Heroes & Gods

A new Puppy!!!!

We rescued another schnoodle, which has made Colby fairly happy (we think). Her name is LoveBug, but she also goes by Bug Bug, Buggy, Bugsy, and my personal favorite: Bugbear.