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The latest update on my podcast, music, and a new puppy!

If I ever remember to keep this site updated it would be a coup. (Which seems to be the way 2021 started out...)


In a fit of quarantine boredom I figured it would be fun to have a YouTube channel where I talk about some of my interests and thoughts. I call it ComposersCAPE, which is a play on Composer Scape and Cape, because I talk a good bit about superhero movies and comic books.


Recently I’ve been playing with my new iPad Pro and a program called Procreate. With it I thought it would be fun to draw again, and it is! I’ve done a few Justice League digital artworks that I would like to share here


Knowing that I need to get the word out on my film music skills, I whipped up a new site dedicated to samples of my scoring. Most of the demo reels on the site are a mix of music I created inspired by the DC superhero movies, with a bit of animation mixed in. I am currently working on a new score to a scene in the very unusual film called Elephants Dream.

Generation Ship Against Green Nebula


Newest music composed by Jess Hendricks
Starship in orbit


Past and Upcoming performances of music by Jess Hendricks

November 9, 2019 7:30 pm Longy School of Music

A Short Drive Through the Berkshires

Part of the Boston New Music Initiative concert series.

January 14, 2020 7:30 pm Lynn University New Music Festival

Dances With Quarks

The Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition (BCMCC) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to expand new music for the bassoon and to offer opportunities to composers. This concert features the winners of the 2019 Competition. Guest artist Susan Nelson from Bowling Green State University will perform along with Lynn’s own Eric Van der Veer Varner.