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My Compositional Process: Part 2 - Thumbnail

My Compositional Process: Part 2 

A big part of evolving my own compositional process is letting it actually evolve and not forcing the issue. So I have discovered that seeing...
Back in Business - Thumbnail

Back in Business 

The latest version of my web presence is now up and running, but like my composition projects no work is ever truly done. The biggest addition is...
The Importance of a Composer’s Web Presence - Thumbnail

The Importance of a Composer’s Web Presence 

In the course of creating my own website, I have looked at several websites for composers at all levels and points in their career. The...
New Website (again) - Thumbnail
My Composition Process: Part 1 - Thumbnail

My Composition Process: Part 1 

Planning I thought it would be fun to write about my ever-evolving process of composing in a series of posts. If anything I thought it...
Living Music Database - Thumbnail

Living Music Database 

The Living Music Database( is a resource for discovering classical and electroacoustic music by composers over the last half century.
A Modern Quandary - Thumbnail

A Modern Quandary 

After a fairly good run of performances, I have been stuck in a lull due to the time commitment required for my Computer Science degree.
Through the Mystic Woods - Thumbnail

Through the Mystic Woods 

This summer I composed Through the Mystic Woods after reading the A Song of Fire and Ice book series by George R.R. Martin. It is...
Creative Computers - Thumbnail

Creative Computers 

In the article “Creative AI: Computer composers are changing how music is made” by Richard Moss, current trends in music composed by computer programs is...